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Music Videos

LIPS (KISS) Featuring Remedy Da Franchise
Chaddy Boom - For the Ride
Chaddy Boom - Remedy
Chaddy Boom - Santa Baby
Poetic of Treal - Stuck in My Head
Eliseo Way III - The Good Guy Feat. The Secret Handshake
Treal - Zonen (Fantasy Lady)
Quent Aleem - Like Mine Feat. Poetic
Table Fix

Commercial Videos

Villa Domani
Sin Park - Champions Vue and Plaza Development
Edge Media - Online Ad
Edge Media - Website Intro
Professional E-Pages - Online Ad
Treal - Online Trailer
BDRE Live! - TV Show Intro
Bilder Pro - Website Intro
TS52 - Product Presentation Intro
Rings - Motion Graphics for Wedding Video
Table Fix

Logo & 3D Animations

Touch Star Cinemas - New Logo Trailer
Touch Star Cinemas - Theatre Logo Trailer
Real Money Help - Logo Animation for Video Tutorial
Omniclef - Logo Animation for Music Videos
BDRE - Logo Animation for Website Intro and TV Show
A&E Films - Logo Animation for Movie Intro
Camaro - 3D Modeling
Biplane - 3D Modeling
Palace - 3D Modeling

Architectural Visualization - 3D Rendering